Saif Ali Khan – I don’t have faith in Pakistan


Pakistan has banned the upcoming film of Saif Ali KhanPhantom”. But this isn’t the first time that this happened to Saif Ali Khan as his previous film “Agent Vinod” was also banned in Pakistan. But the most surprising thing for Saif Ali Khan is that the court has accepted the petition filed by an alleged terrorist Hafiz Saeed. Now Saif has told his us about his views of banning of his film by Pakistan.

You had said you had faith in the Pakistan Censor Board. Does the Phantom ban surprise you?

He told he doesn’t have faith in Pakistan in general because he doesn’t know about their thinking process. He is not against Pakistan and would not make a film against them but they have banned his film. The relations between India and Pakistan are very complicated and your film will be banned if there are uncomfortable truths in the film. It happens in both the countries.

Do you think it will affect the film in any way?

In case the film be allowed then it would earn a bit more as there is a market there as his film “Race” also made extra money. But there is an irony that pirated DVDs will be available and everyone will see the film through them.

But it has happened with many of your other films…

Pakistan becomes uncomfortable if you portray some special element of truth in your film and they’ll ban the film. He has already faced it already as they banned several of his films. But even then we will make films of our own choice.

Pakistan bans a film because of a petition filed by a terrorist. Doesn’t that sound weird?

Neither Hafiz Saeed nor Pakistan is admitting he’s a terrorist and it’s their right but the problem is that Pakistan is backing him. He is not sure about the proofs of Hafiz’s involvement in 26/ 11 attacks. But the film is about the person who planned the Mumbai attacks whether he is Hafiz Saeed or someone else. The name of character in the film is Haris Saeed might be more disturbing for him.

Do you think extremist opinions exist among Indians too, especially when they talk about Muslims and Pakistan?

There are few areas as these people are in every country. Few people here are also against Pakistan and Islam but most of the people in India and Pakistan are peace loving. The success of film “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” has proved this point.

The film has been delayed a bit. Do you think such delays generate negative publicity, which ends up affecting box-office collections, like it did in the case of Bombay Velvet?

It is a possibility but it didn’t happen with film “Phantom”. But the release date is perfect as it’s releasing after “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” while the Rakhi weekend is also coming. All these things are in favor of the film. Though, it is usually harmful to unnecessarily delay the film.


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