Saif Ali Khan’s reaction to the Phantom ban in Pakistan


Saif Ali Khan’s movie Phantom faces some hassle oppositions earlier than it’s come out. Whereas at the trailer come out a journalist argued along with the Kabir Khan who is the movie director, aggressively podding him to call up Indian extremists, Jamaat ut Dawaa chief Hafiz Saeed requested to ban this movie in Pakistan, naming it a ‘filthy propaganda’

Lately the source talked with the Actor Saif Ali Khan regarding the movie. The actor is asked, who plays an ex-army man in the film, which was his primary action while he found out regarding the ban on his movie in Pakistan. He mentioned that he was not shocked about it however he as well thinks that no matter whom it is, although everyone is has their own opinion. His ideas on death penalty would surprise you however we are certainly sure that by the end of the video you would agree along with the actor.

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