Salman Khan to wrestle his own son in Sultan


Recently we informed you that in Ali Abbas Zafar’s film “Sultan”, Salman Khan will also play the role of a father along with a wrestler. Salman has also shed lots of weight to perform the role of a wrestler. But the climax of the film is different which is told by our sources.

We were informed that Salman will fight against his son which will be the climax of this film. It means that either Salman wins or loses, it will be the most important match in the film which will be between a father and his son.

But if you are thinking that you will see an old age Salman Khan who will be wrestling against his son then it’s not the case. Instead, we will see the middle aged Salman Khan in the climax of the film where he will fight with his onscreen son. Salman will become old with the passage of time in the film.



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