Ali Zafar Uploads Video of Daughter’s First Drum Roll

ali zafar 2

Ali Zafar is the leading singer and he shared the tremendous video for ‘Teefa in Trouble’ of his 17 years old self. He has now shared his video being doting father and he makes us feel emotional and warm.
The singer turned actor sings the song flawlessly when he was playing on many instruments and Channo crooner is first and foremost with the perfect family man. He is the doting father of two, Azaan and Alyza and he made sure to keep his family his first priority. He is the Jhoom hit-maker and took to the Instagram to share two of his videos there. In these videos, his kids were drumming and he could be proud over them. The first video of his son, Azaan was shared and he was doing sound checking for dad.
He also shared the video of his little daughter, Alyza, who was also doing the same.



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