Zarnish Khan Sings Live in ‘Good Morning Pakistan’


Zarnish Khan is the talented and famous actress and model and she has shown her talent by singing the song ‘Tere bin nahi lage jiya’. She was invited in the morning show, ‘Good Morning Pakistan’, which is hosted by Nida Yasir and she showed her singing skill by singing the song in her melodious voice.

Live singing of Zarnish Khan

She has shown her best acting and she won the awards in acting in Hum TV awards as she has shown the wonderful acting skills. She has earned good reputation in acting and modeling, Zarnish surprised her fans by singing the song in the live morning show.

Everyone listened to her song in her beautiful voice and they got enjoyment in her unique and melodious voice. The viewers can watch the video of the singer, singing live in the morning show, ‘Good Morning Pakistan’.


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