Deepika Body Shamed on Social Media for her Worst Photo Shoot


Deepika Padukone is the leading and well known Indian artists and she has huge fans, who like her acting and performance. But she has released her recent photo shoot, which made her fan group to give negative remarks on her shameful body photo shoot and they are in rage after watching her indecent photo shoot.
She wore white body suit through which she maximum body was peeping, which is not good sign for her fans. They gave worst comments on her shamed body photo shoot on the social media soon after she has shared her indecent photo shoot. The fans say that she was looking ugly in this photo shoot and she has lost her respect. They said that they respect her and they watch her movie. Some of the fans asked what was the purpose to show most of her skin to the people? How she will face her family, when she will return to her home. When she shared her picture on the social media, Instagram, the huge number of fans disliked her photo shoot with the negative remarks on her photos.


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