Virat Kohli and Salman Khan Stars for Music Video


Virat Kohli is not only a great batsman but also a good dancer and he will dance alongside Salman Khan to prove this skill.

There is a close relation between Indian cricket and Bollywood. Several Indian actresses made headlines with Indian cricketers while several cricketers also tried to appear in Bollywood like Australian bowler Brett Lee, Ajay Jadeja, Vinod Kambli, Kapil Dev, Mansoor Ali Khan and Sunil Gawaskar but they remained failed. Now Indian captain of test team Virat Kohli has decided to enter this attractive world.

According to details, actor Salman Khan and cricketer Virat Khan will dance together in a music video by famous Belgian singers Like Mike and Dimitri Vegas. In October, the matters between dancers and singers will be finalized in Mumbai.

Dimitri told that they are making a music video that will show famous aspects of India sports, films and music. Salman Khan and Virat Kohli are helping them in this matter.


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