Salman Khan Quitted off from Case Hunting of Chinkara and Black Deer


Jodhpur, High Court of Indian state, Rajasthan quitted off  Salman Khan from the case of illegal hunting of Chinkara deer.

According to Indian media, Salman Khan was declared accused in the illegal hunting of Chinkara deer in1998 and it is sacred among Hindu caste. There were two incidents, in which he was accused with the illegal hunting of these two animals. The local court of the state gave him the punishment of one and five years imprisonments. Salman Khan lodged an appeal in the High Court of the state against this decision. The apex court of the state learned the case against him for many years and it has saved the decision of the case at the end of May and now it has been declared. The court absolved him off all the accusations.

It is said that he was arrested in Rajasthan at that time in 1998, when he was busy in the shooting of his block buster movie, ‘Hum Sath Sath Hain’. Salman Khan also got the punishment in the case, when he drank and drove the car in his ‘Hit and Run case. However, Bombay High Court acquitted him from the case and now the state government has challenged the decision of High Court of the state in the Supreme Court.



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