Thursday 03 December 2020

Sunny Leone’s Birthday Pics with Interesting Facts About Bday Girl

Sunny Leone's Birthday Pics 04

Happy Birthday Sunny Leone.

Today, Sunny Leone has men go week in the knee become 34 and if that is how 34 looks, I am definitely sure every woman prefers it. Given her stunning face and that super lusty bod, it is clear why she is bowled B-town over. When the actress is the embodiment of sexy, her husband, Daniel Weber (What a sweet guy) unveils another incredible side of Sunny, in an live discussion with the source. The Dangerous Husn, who believes his life partner, has a heart of gold, in all praise for Leone.

Here are five exceptionally interesting facts regarding the birthday girl:

1. Leone has an OCD for time. She would not ever be late, even by a minute and hates when people are late. She chases an easy mantra “Why your time is more important than mine.”

2. The all the time hot and seductive diva was once an absolute no-go for boys. Tough to believe, I know. She is a total tom-boy in real life and likes sports. She actually is very good hockey player.

3. Illogically, the birthday girl does not like to celebrate birthdays.

4. The hot actress has a thing for footwear and if given a chance, can buy one every week. Logically so, she has a big collection of shoes.

5. This one is difficult to believe, however she is a big nerd.

Anyhow guys don’t forget to leave your birthday wishes. Give us your comments below!


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