Ranbir Kapoor Confirmed : They Don’t Getting Married in 2016

Ranbir Katrina

Since past few days, everyone has been discussing regarding the two stars 2016 wedding. Anyhow, in an interview with Ananda Bazar Patrika, Ranbir mentioned, “This year, there is many work load on me. I feel I will not be able to do it. Towards the end of upcoming year I am thinking of getting married. Until now, that is our planning.” It appears that the actor was misquoted because currently he mentioned that he has got not plan of getting married with Katrina. When discussing with a leading news website, he refused to say something about his marriage plans.

He mentioned to the news website, “The media is looking forward to get me married for the past five years. However there is no truth in it. I found out that some news mentioned that I confirmed the news however I am telling you that I have not made that kind of declaration.” Anyhow, if that is the matter then we are back to square one as far as the two bollywood star’s big fat wedding is concerned.

Currently that RK has confirmed that the news regarding his wedding, might be his fortcoming movie Bombay Velvet is going to be the talk of town. Somewhat that is good because stars often don’t prefer being in the limelight due to their private life. regarding the marriage, well, lets just hope that they are at least thinking regarding it seriously.


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