Separation Between Deepika and Ranveer


Mumbai, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are the leading and popular artists of Bollywood film industry. Both the artists have been very close to each other since long and they have deep friendship. There were also some news that both the artists have done their engagement.

Now there are some speculations that both the artists have decided to get parted their ways from each other. The dimple girl celebrated the festival, Holi and she shared the pictures of Holi with her ex boy friend, Ranbeer Kapoor on the social media site, Instagram instead of her present friend, Ranveer Singh, which show that there is something wrong between them. The pictures of Holi of Deepika and Ranbeer Kapoor are taking from their movie, ‘Ye Jawani hai Deewani’ and she gave the message to the people that she is going to part her ways from her boy friend, Ranveer Singh. She also congratulated her fans on this festival.

After sharing of pictures on the social media site, Instagram, there are some hot news about the artists as they got separated from each other. It is also clear that both the artists did not accept or reject the news of their separation and they did not give any response over such news.


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