Kapil Sharma Conflict with Sunil Grover during flight

Kapil Sharma fought with Chandan Prabhakar as well on plane – not just Sunil Grover

During a flight, a fight sparked between famous Indian comedian Kapil Sharma and his fellow actor Sunil Grover after their return from Australia.

Kapil Sharma is the host of famous comedy show “The Kapil Sharma Show” while important roles in this show are performed by fellow actors like Ali Asgar, Navjot Singh Sidhu and Sunil Grover.

According to details, the whole team of the show returned from Australia to Delhi after which they boarded to a flight to Bombay during which the intoxicated Kapil Sharma started quarrelling form other actors. When Sunil Grover tried to stop him, Kapil started physical fight with him which created chaos during flight.

Due to this situation, passengers demanded emergency landing but the pilot landed the plane on Mumbai airport and told the administration about the issue. Kapil tried to spread rumors of marriage in order to conceal his shameful act but he remained unsuccessful.

Sunil Grover’s acting is liked by the fans and he is considered an important part of “The Kapil Sharma Show”.


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