Saif and Karina Decide Name for Baby


Mumbai, The glamour couple of Bollywood Film Industry, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are looking very happy on the arrival of new baby in their home. They are pleased with this happening and they have decided the name of their baby, which is yet to be born.

The birth of the new baby is expected and there is new discussion on the media that their baby will be boy or girl. The couple has ended this discussion by settling the name of their baby. There is growing trend in the Bollywood artists, that they settle the name of their babies by mixing the name of father and mother. Now this couple has also mixed the names of Saif and Kareena and they settled the name of the baby as ‘Safeena’. Before this, Shahid Kapoor and his wife, Meera settled the name of their child as ‘Meesha’, while Indian actor, Aditya Chopra and his wife settled the name of their baby as ‘Adeera’.




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