Five stole songs Show in Coke Studio Season 9


Coke Studio has been started for last many years and it has presented about nine seasons, in which different songs are presented. Now the nine season of the program is ended with excitement, splendor and extravagance. In this season, there was big mix of flavors and some of the songs are best, some are common and there were some songs, which are below average. Out of total seven episode, there were 30 songs and we have picked only five best songs from these collections of the season.

5.      Tu Kuja Man Kuja

Artist: Shiraz Uppal and Rafaqat Ali Khan

Music Director: Shiraz Uppal

This is a melodious song, which Rafaqar Ali and Shiraz Uppal sang with the mesmerizing chorus. Both the male artists have the same voice quality and usually the male duet fails to deliver it. The kalam was great and the audience listened to this song with the alternative style of Shiraz Uppal and it is paired with classical style of Rafaqat Ali. Despite of the odds, they complemented with each other in impressive way.

4.      Uddi Ja 

Artist: Mohsin Abbas Haider

Music Director: Jaffer Zaidi

The song, Uddi Ja of Mohsin Abbas Haider was taken from the episode four and it is the sufi kalam and he delivered this song in very impressive way. The singer has given the solo performance and it left the impact and he was in the full command of his craft. Such type of confidence and command was not expected from him. He owned his song and he showed the great performance to impress his listeners.

3.      Maula e Kull

Artist: Abida Parveen

Music Director: Shani Arshad

The singer of this mystic and sufi kalam is Abida Perveen and she has performed well and she never goes wrong with the kalam, which she sings. She is master in the mystic kalam and she proves herself.

The new mystic kalam, Maula e Kull is the best solo performance of Abida Perveen and she managed to provide great satisfaction to the listeners. She starts singing this song with some instruments and her voice leaves great impression over the listeners and the music has heightened to take the listeners on the journey of passion.

2.      Rang

Artist: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Amjad Sabri

Music Director: Shani Arshad

The male duet is wonderful as people were waiting for this performance since the beginning of this season. The artists, Amjad Sabri and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan have shown their performance during this song and this was the last performance of Amjad Sabri before his sudden death and it was the reminder of the great singer, who we have lost now.

Both the artists have shown great performance on the very notable kalam of Amir Khusro. The melodious voices of these artists have made this kalam, Aaj Ranh Hai, even better than before. They have created the magical illusion for the listeners and they proved the real qawwali. The people appreciated the melodious voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and the brilliant performance of Amjad Sabri was celebrated and mourned.

1.      Paar Chanaa De

Artist: Noori and Shilpa Rao

Music Director: Noori

The song, Paar Channa De was taken from the episode four and majority of the fans of Coke Studio declared it the best of all seasons. The melodious voices of Noori and Shilpa Rao made it remarkable. Noori performed with the across border singer, Shilpa Rao and this songs brings the unusual combination and the embedded emotions helped to boost the popularity of this song. The lyrics of the song show the love story and the music makes it unique from the typical tragic love songs.


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