Saturday 26 September 2020

Mohenjo Daro & Rustam allowed to Release in Pakistan


Islamabad, The Bollywood movies, ‘Mohenjo Daro’ and ‘Rustam’ are permitted to release in Pakistan. Pakistan Censor Board has permitted the release of the movies of Akshay Kumar and Hrithek Roshan in Pakistan after checking the movies.

Pakistan Censor Board accorded the approval to release both the movies in Pakistan. Pakistan Censor Board accorded the approval of the movies, ‘Mohenjo Daro’ and ‘Rustam’ and the board has given the permission to release the movie, ‘Rustam’ and the board did not remove any scene from the movie. The board removed some objectionable parts from the Bollywood movie, ‘Mohenjo Daro’ as the board claimed that they removed the kissing and loving scenes from the movie. This is the historical movie and the culture is shown in this movie and both the movies will be presented on the box office and both the movies have been released at a time.



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