King Khan SRK takes 100 Cigarettes and 30 Cups Coffee Daily


Mumbai, The King Khan of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan said that he smoke 100 cigarettes and he drinks 30 cups of coffee daily. Due to over dose of these things, he is worried about his health.

He gave an interview to media and said that she is worried about his health condition and he said in the recent interview that he does not sleep well and he has some health issues. He cannot look after his health but he has to take care of him more than before. He has the bad habit of smoking about 100 cigarettes daily and he also drinks 30 cups of coffee daily, which is creating the health concerns for him. He also forgets to take meal many times and he remembers it when he is going out for shooting. He also drinks less quantity of water. He is now in America for the shooting of his new coming movie.


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