British Actress Emmy Jackson Refuses Affair with Salman Khan


Mumbai, Emmy Jackson is the British model and actress and she performed in various Bollywood movies. She shows her desire that she wants to work with Salman Khan in any movie and she is trying to start with him soon. After this, some news spread in media about their love affair and now the actress broke the silence and she refused to have any relationships with the super star of Bollywood film industry.

Emmy Jackson conducted the publicity ceremony for her new coming movie in which various guests were invited but Salman Khan was not invited in this publicity event. The super star of Bollywood Salman Khan reached there in this ceremony as the un-invited guest and after that both the celebrities came close to each other and the rumors started spreading about their love affair and now the actress declared that she is single and she does not have any relationships with the super star Salman Khan. She said that she does not come close to him but she want to perform with him in any movie. On the other side, Salman Khan is looking very slim and smart as he reduced his weight up to 20 kilograms one month after finishing his movie, ‘Sultan’. The British actress and model Emmy Jackson has already performed in the Bollywood movies, like ‘Singh is Bling’, ‘Ek Deewana Tha’ and ‘Fareekay Ali’.


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