Saturday 19 September 2020

Transistor of PK of Aamir Khan Worth for Rs 1.5 Crore

PK Movie Poster

The filmmakers bought this ordinary transistor for Rs.227 and used it in the movie and now it comes to Rs.1.5 crores.

When the first poster of his new coming movie, PK was released then it grabbed the attention of the people. The versatile actor appeared in the movie in nude shot and he hid his private parts behind this transistor. This bold scene of Aamir Khan shocked many people and it was also uploaded on the social media sites and became but of jokes. Now his transistor is the center of discussion among the people. The online auction of the transistor was carried out in which Rs.1.5 million was fixed the amount of the transistor. The filmmakers bought this transistor from Chor Bazar for Rs.227. The spokesperson said that they offered huge amount of money for this transistor to the filmmakers.

Aamir Khan Pics

Aamir Khan Pics

Aamir Khan said that he does not want to sell the transistor as it has some integral and important for his character and it is associated with his personality, so he does not want to deprive of this transistor. The heroine and the leading lady of the movie, PK, Anushka Sharma said to the director and Mr. Perfect, Aamir Khan not to give it away and keep this transistor as their remembrance.


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