Sussanne Khan in Fraud Case


A case has been registered against Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan’s former wife Sussanne Khan for 18,700,000 rupee fraud in Indian city of Goa.

According to Indian media reports, Sussanne Khan’s former business partner Midhat Gupta has accused Sussanne Khan for fraud of 18,700,000 in Goa while she is also accused for being a false architecture. Sussanne’s managing partner Midhat Gupta says that company paid 18,700,000 rupees to Sussanne Khan for her art work but she didn’t supplied these things in time and when he received these things they were substandard.

Midhat Gupta also claimed that when he testified the certificates of Sussanne Khan from Council of Architecture then her name was not registered in the council. Company’s law advisor said that he communicated with police to register case but it was reluctant to file the case but the case of fraud has been registered now on the orders of court.


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