Thursday 21 January 2021

Sunny Leone in Aamer Khan Diwali Party


Mumbai, Various actors, directors and other people in the Bollywood film industry criticize over Sunny Leone severely due to her past. But there are many persons, who support her and Aamer Khan is included in her supporter. She attended a Diwali party, which Aamer Khan managed.

It is common in the Bollywood to manage the parties on different festivals and these parties have great importance in the film industry. The future of any actor is determined by attending these parties and now the future of Sunny Leone is looking very bright because she came in sight of Mr Perfectionist.

According to Indian media, Aamer Khan and his wife managed the tremendous party every years on the occasion of diwali. This time, he invited his friends along with Sunny Leone as special invitation. She attended the party with her husband, Danial Webber in this party and both of them wore the traditional dresses of India.

Sunny Leone was overjoyed by attending this party. She shared her views on social media site, Twitter and said that there are some people, who have great ability to make other person special and she is grateful to Aamer Khan and Kiran Rao. The kindnesses of Aamer Khan on Sunny Leone and her husband are not new because he was in present in Delhi for the shooting of his movie, ‘Dangle’, he invited the actress on a sumptuous lunch.







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