Shahrukh Khan will Quit after getting National Award

Shah Rukh Khan

Mumbai, Bollywood king, Shah Rukh Khan says that he will quit the film industry after winning the National Award. He showed tremendous performances in the Bollywood film industry and gave many super hit movies to the industry. He gave an interview to media and said that he is waiting for the National Award anxiously and after winning the national award, he will get the retirement from the film industry.

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

He said about his new coming movie, ‘Fan’ that he faced many difficulties in performing the role of a 24 years old boy. He had to use the makeup for 4 hours daily to get the getup of 24 years old boy. He further added that he performed the role of a boy, ‘Guru’, which was quite similar to him. So he was happy while performing this role.

Bollywood king said that he was happy after performing the role of a boy living in Delhi in the movie, ‘Fan’. He thought that why he did not get the chance to perform such a role. He was away from this city, so he forgot to speak the language of this city. When he performed the role in this movie, then he had to learn it once again.

His new movie, ‘Dilwale’ was released recently and it got tremendous success on the box office. He was very happy with the popularity of his movie. His new coming movie, ‘Fan’ will be released on 15 April on the cinema houses.



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