Shahrukh Khan and Shraddha Kapoor topped as per Times Magazine

SRK & Shradha Kapoor

In the new ranking of Times Celebex, all the three Bollywood Khans are on top including Shahrukh Khan on 1st, Salman Khan 2nd and Aamir Khan on 3rd spot while Shraddha Kapoor was declared top actress.

Shahrukh Khan and Shraddha Kapoor are included in the most famous Bollywood actors and they left all the other actors behind.

According to a recently released ranking of Times Celebex in India, Shahrukh Khan and Shraddha Kapoor came at 1st spot for actors and actresses. According to this ranking, Shahrukh remained in the news due to his film “Fan” and upcoming film “Raees” while Shraddha achieved fame due to her new film “Baaghi”.

According to Time Celebex ranking, Priyanka Chopra remained at 2nd spot and Anushka Sharma at 3rd position in the ranking of actresses while the other two Khans remained at top positions also as Salman Khan at 2nd and Aamir Khan at 3rd spot.

SRK & Shradha Kapoor

SRK & Shradha Kapoor



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