Salman and Arijit Singh Cold war Ends


The cold war between Bollywood star Salman Khan and famous singer Arijit Singh has ended after which he will sing for Salman Khan’s film “Tubelight”.

Arijit Singh’s songJug Ghumiya” was put away from Salman’s film “Sultan after which the singer seek pardoned from the actor on social media and asked to reinstate the song in the film but the actor refused to recognize the singer and rejected to exterminate the song from his film but now the cold war between the two is close to finish.

According to Indian media reports, singer Arijit Singh will sing a song for director Kabir Khan’s film “Tubelight” and the song will be filmed on film’s main actor Salman Khan due to which it is expected that cold war between both will end. Arijit Singh has confirmed to sing a song for Salman Khan.

It should be cleared that voice of Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was included in film “Sultan” instead of the song sung by Arijit Singh.

You may download the free mp3 songs form given link below:



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