Parineeti Said She Sexually Harassed in Her Childhood

Parineeti Chopra

Mumbai, Parineeti Chopra is leading film actress and first cousin of the Bollywood film actress, Priyanka Chopra and she has performed in various leading and popular movies. She attended the ceremony of ‘Women Self Defense Graduation Day’, in which she revealed that she was sexually harassed in her childhood.

The actress said that she became the victim, when she was studying in the school and she had to go to school on the bicycle as she could not afford to go by bus or vehicle. When she was going to school, the boys on the way molested her and they did shameful movements with her and she got terrified. She did not like to study and she told her parents but her parents did not take care of it. But she faced the situation bravely and she became strong to manage the situation. She said that her parents were very poor and she could not afford to go by bus or other vehicle.

Sonam Kapoor has already shared such an incident, which was occurred with her and now Parineeti is the second example of this nature. The sexually harassment and the rap cases are common in India and most of the women have become their victims.


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