Meera Got Proposed by 65 Years Old MNA

Pakistani Actress Meera

Meera do not need introduction. Meera is among the most multitalented and successful movie and TV actresses of all time. She has played in lots hit movies during her career.

The former MNA of Mohmand Agency is Muhammad Wazir Safi. As per to insiders, the 65 year old Muhammad Wazir Safi has proposed her for marriage. they claim that love can be happened any time in life, this is what we can admit to be correct regarding Meera’s case. Honestly this news shocked us. How can that old man propose Meera while she has lately refused lots of Pakistani young and smart boy’s marriage proposals. Anyhow, whatever you may call regarding Meera, however the truth is she has rarely been proposed.

A little about MNA of Mohmand Agency

As per to the insiders, that who wants to marry with Meera is as well the father of 6 children. He appears to be very serious regarding Meera. Mentioning if it is a true love or maybe be just affection would be prior as Meera has seriously begun thinking of the proposal on the below conditions.

Terms of Meera for Wedding

Anyhow, this old man need fulfill the below terms of Meera to qualify for wedding with her.

  • Primarily he has to give Meera his half wealth following selling the house and the amount have to be transferred to her account.
  • Secondary he would not stop her from performing acting in the films and dramas whenever she wanted to.
  • And the third condition is that Malik Sahib has to buy a house in Dubai so that Meera could live there.
  • And lastly Meera would keep the right of divorce.


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