Leaked emails: Kangana Ranaut allegedly threatens Hrithik Roshan with abusive language

Kangana Ranaut & Hrithik Roshan

Few more mails of Kangana Ranaut to Hrithik Roshan have been leaked now but these mails are quite different from the previously leaked mails as the actress is threatening and abusing the actor in her recently leaked mails while the previous mails by the actress were very emotional.
In these latest leaked emails, Kangana is apparently Hrithik of hacking her emails and in a very abusive language, she is threatening him of dire consequences in case he doesn’t stops his activities of hacking her email ID.
Mail from Kangana’s ID to Hrithik on Nov. 19, 2014: You are still checking my mails. My teacher from Haryana comes daily and I am learning abusive language every day. Don’t take liberty of otherwise you will ruin for life and there will be no remedy then.
And also stupid! When I know that you have hacked my account then why would I send a confidential communication through mail. Don’t you understand? Find girl of your own standard and don’t see such high dreams.
Lots of people are waiting for me and even the good ones don’t get appointment. I thought for you as a charity project but you even tried to even destroy my life. What nonsense. Why do you want to be humiliated further? Now forget everything and get lost.
In previous emails, Kangana seems to complain from Hrithik for not giving her much importance. In these mails, Kangana is also saying about also talking about hacking of her email account.
Email from Kangana’s ID to Hrithik on Aug. 22, 2014: Why are you not mailing and talking to me? Instead of giving me attention of a lover, you are not responding as a friend. You even thanked me for my response on your latest song. You missed my birthday also. You talk about the performance of Sonam, Priyanka and Deepika but didn’t say anything about my work which is really bias.
Email from Kangana’s ID to Hrithik on Sep. 6, 2014: According to your idea, I have complained to the cyber crime department about hacking of my account. Now they have taken the whole data from my account and accessing that who is behind hacking of my email ID. Hopefully, soon everything will be fine.
Recently, Hrithik met with experienced filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and seek his advice about the tricky matter. Mahesh told about this meeting that situation is alarming due to which Hrithik is meeting several people. He only knows him as a famous actor and son of Rakesh Roshan and he has no personal and professional relation with him. He met him because he wants to take his advice on how to get rid of such a difficult situation.


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