I keep Personal and Professional Life Separately Kareena

Saif and Kareena

Mumbai, The Bollywood actress, Kareena Kapoor and actor Saif Ali Khan were married and they led happy and peaceful lives after their marriage. After their marriage, there is no unpleasant news about their likes. She gave an interview to the Indian media and said that various people were opposite to her marriage with Saif Ali Khan. They said that she would not get more work as the career of the married women is ended after their marriage. But she worked more after her marriage and she did not change her decision to stop working in the movie. After that she got pregnant and now she is going to become mother of a child. She will have to manage her professional life along with her personal life with her husband and son. She said that nothing will stop her working in the movie. She knows well how she has to keep her professional and personal lives separately and it will be great experience for her. But she did not want to sit in her home and she will manage her coming days.

She also said that she will work and she will also enjoy with the holidays and nothing is going to be changed. When she will settle the routine of her work, she will know what she feels. She said that she is reading a script, which is very tremendous and interesting. People said to her that she will not get work after marriage, but she worked more after her marriage. Saif said to her that she worked more after getting married and after the birth of the child she will also get more work.


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