Thursday 03 December 2020

I am not a Pornstar like Sunny Leone, says Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant and Sunny Leone

Rakhi Sawant declares another proclaim. The girl who would do anything in the trick books to achieve some popularity is back at her worst. Keep reading on to find out why we say so…

Sunny Leone has been growing as a superstar in B-Town, thanks to all of her massive performances. She has been continuously performing hits following hits and increasing the cash which registers jingle with money. As well the viewers have begun accepting her as conventional actress.

Even detractors feel that if she is capable to keep her success run, she might just turn out a talented risk to the top A-list heroines. But, there are yet few industry officials who are disagreeing to accept the heroine as a respectable actress. Rakhi Sawant who is all the time fame hungry is among them.

We spotted a video, where Rakhi Sawant brings in regarding Sunny Leone. She mentions deliberately, “I am not a porn star as Sunny Leone.” Currently that is exactly what Sunny Leone has been mentioning in all her conversations in the past several years. She feels distressed that followers particularly the media decline to overlook her past background. But, she is struggling to reinvent herself, people all the time recourse to her like an ex-pornstar. So what we think regarding Rakhi Sawant declaration?

We know that Rakhi is only made regarding popularity. She might do anything to gain a little publicity. More than feeling irritated at Sunny Leone, she must be envious that she has been struggling to do for the last decade. Sunny survived to do in just some years. As well she is getting able to entertain the dictators, altering her image facing her fans and as well finish up earning cash at the box office. Check out Rakhi Sawant’s video in here and give us your comments regarding what you think regarding her statement.


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