Funniest Person in the World Title for Salman Qureshi


The ‘Funniest Person in the World’ title is the accomplishment and there are two Pakistani comics, who are going to participate in the world class title. Both the comics have Pakistani origin and these Dubai based Pakistani standup comedians. Salman Qureshi of Racy Desi and Umar Ranar of Comedy Masala have been shortlisted for Laugh Factory global competition, which is conducted after every two years. The well known and leading comedians like Jim Carey, Russell Peters, Eddie Murphy and Jerry Seinfeld have performed at ‘The Laugh Factory’ competition.

The two Pakistani comedians are going to represent Pakistan in the international competition rather than represent UAE and both are included in the top 20 best comedians. They have submitted their three minutes video each to the jury and they were contacted to attend the competition. They have made all preparations to start the comedy and they have been working in comedy for last eight years. They went into banking and oil and gas fields but they were not successful there and they come to comedy. Qureshi was impressed by Saad Haroon, who is the leading comedian and he is the second funniest man in the world title in the last year competition of Laugh Factory.

He further added that the comedy is started in Dubai now and it is getting popular rapidly. As the comedy is started from the grass root level and Dubai is the best place for the comedy. It is the best place as you can say what you want. He shared his jokes, which are prepared on observations personal anecdotes and the life in the city. It is linked with what is happening in the world and about the popular culture.

Qureshi conducted the comedy classes and the stand up has developed its structure and you can teach it. One can be taught that how you look at the world and they can also express themselves. Now he is focusing on the world title and the online voting will be done till 01 October and there are 10 attendants, who will fight for $100,000 prize in the event, which will be managed in Finland. Till the end, it is hoped that Qureshi will return to Karachi with a show and he has made the plan to bring the Dubai based troupe.


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