Fawad Khan in Deep Trouble in Indian


Mumbai, Fawad Khan has been working in the Bollywood movies for last many years and he also got success in these movies. The Indian journalists and extremists threatened him to leave India now and he should stop work in Indian movies.

The Indian journalist and well known blogger, Somia Dipta Bannerji threatened Pakistani actor, Fawad Khan to leave India and he also demanded with the Bollywood film industry that it boycotts Pakistani actor.

Indian army is present in the Occupied Kashmir and there was a terrorist attack on the Indian military camp and now the Indian extremists are threatened Pakistani actor, Fawad Khan to leave India. He wrote an open letter to Pakistani actor, Fawad Khan and he demanded to all Pakistani actors and singers to leave India and he demanded with the film industry to do boycott of these actors and singers. He also said that Fawad Khan kept him away from this grave situation but now time has come that they should leave India and return to their country. The Hindu extremists have already threatened to various singers like Ustad Ghulam Ali and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.




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