Fans more interested in Sonam Kapoor Dress & Friend over movies

Sonam Kapoor Hot Pictures

It is said by Bollywiood actress Sonam Kapoor that instead of her films, the people are more interested about her friends and dress.

Sonam Kapoor said, according to Indian media, that there’s gap between her films as she performs in lesser films than other actors and it is the main reason that people say such things as she was seen with a guy in film festival or red carpet and she wore such dress during her film. If she starts doing continuous films like other actors then the people will not get any chance to talk about her personal life.

Sonam Kapoor Hot Pictures on Red Carpet

Sonam Kapoor Hot Pictures on Red Carpet


Sonam added that she also has a beautiful life outside films and she can’t do films every time. She said that instead of getting worried, she enjoys the things written about her.


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