Deepika Padukone Wants To Be A Secretary Than a Producer!

Deepika Padukone

To be a film producer is the clear next step for an actor. However for male actors this is only a formula to turn out their projects commercially practical, however for female actors it is a requirement. In most of the Indian movies, the actresses have little to do. Some studios prefer to produce movies along with the leading lady as a central character. Therefore if a female actor prefers to perform ‘hero’ chances are, she is going to have to make the movie herself. Like Anushka Sharma performed for NH10. Priyanka Chopra as introduced her banner.

Not foolish

For some of the actresses, becoming a producer is the only way to remain in the track. The acting provides stop comings, therefore in a bid to stay in the limelight, they come to production and begin launching projects featuring them. most of these movies never come out. Then there is a Deepika Padukone, who is at the top of her game currently she wooed by each actor and filmmaker. she would be thoughtless to get into the bother of producing movies. and she is not foolish. she is not preferring to shift her consideration from acting, anytime soon. however she said, “I would love to do production work, however not to be a producer. I mean if I have got a team which is going to do it for me, then fine because I do not think that I have that I have the bandwidth or capacity to take on the role of a producer.”

Me know no math

Produces job is complex. It contains everything from reading scripts to recruiting screenwriters to managing budgets, crunching numbers and even searing for talent. However it has its benefits. Actually Deepika can make movies happen which might otherwise never get made, just by including her name to it. She mentioned, “I just prefer to put it out there and let people know that I have definitely no sense of math or money. Therefore if somebody has got a great script and they want to include my name to sort of greenlight a project, I am happy to do that. However I have got no business sense.”

Need a secretary?

She furthermore included, “I am someone who prefers to be systematic and prepared. Therefore if someone from the industry is searching for a line producer, I would be happy to do that. As well, I love to put things in place and in order. I keep mentioning to Dinu (Danish Vijan) that. I am like ‘you need a secretary/assistant, please tell me. So taking printouts, preparing.. I love performing all that, I love it.”


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