Bigg Boss Season 9 Is Going to Start With Salman Khan


Ultimately Salman Khan has declared that he would not be able to host the 8th season of Bigg Boss because he is busy which his schedule and alleged variations along with channel. But, following many of discussions along with the channel and double the payment (5-6 episode in season eight as varies to Rs 2-3 crore in season 7), we spotted him back on the show.

Salman allegedly mentioned to channel at the end of the Bigg Boss 8 that he will be able to host the next season of the show. A source close to him mentioned, “Salman has made his mind very clear. Actually the channel has previously began searching for celebrities to host the upcoming season of the show.” Following Salman mentioned to channel, Akshay Kumar and Ranveer Singh were asked to host the show.

According to the reports, Salman Khan is going to host Bigg Boss 9. A source was mentioned, “The modalities are rapidly being worked out. We are going to commence the show according to the actor’s availability of dates.”

Anyhow, currently is not that a relief for all Bigg Boss fans and followers?


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