Asin claimed she is No # 1 Fan of SRK

Asin & SKR

Mumbai, Bollywood actress, Asin says that she is the great fan of Shah Rukh Khan. She knows that there are millions of fans of Shah Rukh Khan across the world but she has the number one in his fans. She revealed this during an interview.

She also says that her husband, Rahul Sharma is also great fan of Shah Rukh Khan. She started her career in Bollywood film industry with working in the movie, ‘Gajni’. She did not think so at that time that she would get too much success. However, she feels happy, when she watches her successes in the movies.

She says that she looks for less but durable and good work in the movies. She has also performed with the A list actors like Aamer Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan and many more of the Bollywood. She also performed in the Tamil movies. She started working in Tamil movies, she started working in Bollywood movies. She spent good time in the movies and she did not think about her marriage at that time.

She considers herself very lucky, as her most of the movies did good business and she made up mind that she will sign such movies, in which she will find good margin of performance. She does not think about the 100 crore club as she concentrates on the performance in the movies.





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