Anil Kapoor to Miss few projects due to his TV series 24



Anil Kapoor has previously began prepping for the 2nd season of 24. Currently his character Jai Singh Rathore is going to wear a long beard.

Anil has worn beard in the movie such as Benaam Badshaah and Apraadhi, however artificial ones. He mentions, “Today is generation does not like anything artificial. However if I am growing a long beard, I cannot sign movie as you can just do one thing in a time, therefore there is a possibility which I would miss out some of the movie which I would have loved to do. I have been getting lots of provides from friends and producers I preferred to work with, I need to decline due to my commitment to 24 serial and my look. This is going to be for 6 to 8 months till shooting ends.”



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