Wednesday 26 January 2022

Ali Zafar First Pakistan Movie ‘Deosai’

Ali Zafar

Lahore, Leading singer and actor, Ali Zafar has announced the name of his first Pakistani movie as ‘Deosai’. He announced the name of the movie on his birthday. In this movie, he will play the leading role and he will also produce this movie. Usman Babar will be the director of the movie. it is decided that Ali Zafar and Usman Babar will take the auditions of the beautiful girls across the world to select the heroine of this movie.

He told media that he wanted to work for Pakistan. Now he got a chance to work for Pakistan. He will make a movie in Pakistan and work in Pakistan and he will produce this movie for which the whole shooting of the movie will be done in the Northern areas. This movie has strong and wonderful story.

He gave an interview to the media and said that this is the special year for him as God has blessed him with a daughter. He also shifted in the new home and he is also working in the movie. He also said that he is working in the movie in Pakistan. He said that it is not meant that he refused to work in the Indian movies but he said sorry to work at this time.

He liked one movie and it has strong story on which he is pondering. The name of the movie is not finalized. It is said that Abhishek Dogra is the director of the movie while Ahmed Khan and Bhosham Kumar will be the producer of the movie. In this movie, the heroine of Dedh Ishqia, Huma Qureshi will perform as heroine.


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