Aamir Khan Lands Tight Slap On Journalist For Shameful Sunny Leone Interview


We have seen lots of comments after Sunny Leone’s serene replies to Bhupendra Chaubey’s program “interrogation” and now Aamir Khan has also said few things about the matter.

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Chaubey tried to humiliate Sunny for her porn-related roles in the past but her thoughtful answers earned her more fans instead.

During interview, Chaubey asked her opinion about working with Aamir Khan for which she replied that she can’t expect Aamir to work with her even if she wishes as she is a realistic. After that, Chaubey interrogated about her past for which she answered calmly.

Now the matter has been settled by Aamir after his final reply on Twitter. Now many people are searching about Sunny after this interview and there are chances that more people will watch her next movie as her honest and natural answers were really liked by lots of people.



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