Thursday 03 December 2020

Sunny Leon Cast in ‘One Night Stand’ as Heroine

Sunny Leone Pictures

Mumbai, Sunny Leone started working in the Bollywood film industry and she made the entry through her movie, ‘Jism 2’ but she could not get success. Then she performed in the second movie, ‘Jack Pot’, but unfortunately, she could not get good response. Now she is looking her future bright because she cast another movie in which she will perform in the leading role.

Sunny Leon has signed a new movie, ‘One Night Stand’ few days before in which she will appear as heroine. It is also told that the hero will be the ex boy friend of Bipasha Basu, Rana Dago Bati. Now she has three projects in which ‘Teena and Lolo’, ‘Masti Zaday’ and ‘Current Theega’ were included. She is also performing in ‘Tera Bay Iman Love’, ‘patel rape’ and ‘DK’.

When she got this movie, now she has enough to perform. There are some of the news that Jasmine De Souza will direct the movie. Furqan Khan and pardeep Sharma will be the producers and Bhawani Leer is the writer of the movie. There are some other news that in this movie, another actress will be cast in this movie along with Sunny Leon. The story of the movie is such that she met with Rana and her life has been changed. She will perform this roll well keeping in mind the demand of the character. The shooting of the movie will be started soon.


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