Sonam Kapoor Revealed her Sexually Harassing at Young Age

Sonam Kapoor

Mumbai, Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor has revealed that she was sexually harassed at her very tender age. She said that it is an unforgettable incident for her.

It is said that the harassment incidents to the women are common in India and no section of the society is spared from such incidents. There is increasing number of molesting the young girls and now the Indian leading and top actress, Sonam Kapoor has revealed such an incident, which she faced in her life.

According to Indian media reports, Sonam Kapoor attended the program of local tv and she gave the reply of the question asked about her private life and she exposed the secret incident, which she faced during her early life. She said that when she was very young, then she was sexually trapped, which was very wonderful for her. She said that this incident was very painful and she could not mention it with anyone for two years. But she remembers this incident even today and it is impossible for her to forget it.

It is to be cleared that before Sonam Kapoor, some other Bollywood actresses, like Kalki Kochlin, Kangna Ranaut and Tapsi Pannu have also revealed the molesting incidents with them.


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