Shraddha Kapoor has no time for songs

Shraddha Kapoor has no time for songs

Sharddha Kapoor has performed in the movie, ‘Aashiqui 2’ and she performed the role of a singer in the movie. It was felt that she started singing but she denied to start singing as she is not in mood for the singing in the real life.

She has already performed in a movie, ‘Ek Villain’ and she sang songs in it but the actress has rejected the offer for singing for her in an album. It is also learnt that various like to listen her melodious voice as they are impressed with her singing talent and they want to get a chance to listen her singing the songs.

There are various music companies, which have made contacts with the actress and they offer her for the preparation of an album for her. The actress refused the offers of these companies and they said that she can sing well. Shardha said that she want to focus on her acting rather than singing. Most of the people do not know that she belongs to a musical background family and there are various singers in her family. She is also a trained and talented singer.

Shraddha Kapoor has no time for songs

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It is informed that T-Series made a contact with the artist for the preparation of the album and two other companies have also made the same attempt but the artist has turned down their offers gently and said that she is focusing on the acting and she has no time to perform as the professional singer. Bhushan Kumar has refused the news and did not give any comments over it.


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