Monday 28 September 2020

Shahid Kapoor Marries in June

Shahid Kapoor & Mira Rajput Wedding Pic

Mumbai, Shahid Kapoor is known for his romantic scandals in the Bollywood and he is going to marry in June this year. He is so much busy in the preparation that he cancelled all of his shootings. Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput Wedding is going to be held in June 2015.

According to the Indian media, the new movie of Bollywood star, Shahid Kapoor, ‘Farzi’ was going to be started in June but due to marriage of Shahid Kapoor, the shooting has been postponed. Director, Raj Nadi Mooro has confirmed the delay in the shooting of the movie and said that the shooting of the movie has been delayed due to Shahid Kapoor’s Wedding in June.

Now the shooting of the movie will be started in June after marriage of the film star. The wedding of Shahid Kapoor will be conducted with the medical student, Meera Rajput (Mira Rajput) and it was also rumored that their marriage will be conducted during December.



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