Shah Rukh left behind Salman and Aamir with 15 MILLION followers on Twitter


Its not just Bollywood or a 100 million hearts which Shah Rukh Khan is ruling, as well the man is nailing social media along with his amazing pictures and philosophical thinking. Currently he has got over 15 million followers in his Twitter. He has left behind Salman Khan who has got 13.7 million followers while there are 14.4 million followers in Aamir Khan’s Twitter account.

Right now he is working to take the nation by a storm, again along with his amazing chemistry along with Kajol in Rohit Shetty’s latet romantic drama Dilwale. Actually both actors lately wrapped up a romantic number which they were shooting Iceland and following getting a bit glimpse via all the leaked photos and videos. The movie is expecting to come out on 18th of September, as well stars Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon.



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