Saturday 19 September 2020

Salman Khan Hit and Run Case: Blood Report Termed as Outdated

Salman Khan Hit and Run Case

A chemical analyst has brought a new angle to the medical examination…

The hit and run case 2012 of Salman Khan is getting further away from light. Following the dubious case of his driving license, recently we hear that the method which was used to measure the amount of alcohol in Bollywood star’s blood was in fact an outdated 1959 method.

A chemical analyst admitted the court that regarding the case modified diffusion oxidation method was used, which was reportedly used to verify Salman’s blood inscribed double the permissible limit of alcohol, was indeed one of the oldest methods experimented.

It’s still to be realized if this requires a new test of his blood. However the chemical analyst, who had examined Salman’s blood sample following the accident, admitted to the court that the forensic laboratory in Kalina was not certified by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration.

At the same time, the driving license secrecy too is yet not resolved. Pradeep Gharat the Special Public Prosecutor mentioned that the actor did not hold a driving license while on 28th September 2002 his car cross over people sleeping on the pavement in Bandra, as result killed one person and injured four others.

The prosecutor mentioned that according to the record on hand with Regional Transport Office, Salman attained a driving license in 2004. But Salman has rejected that he was driving the car. He has as well disputed the RTO record. Srikant Shivade who was his lawyer, against the prosecution’s supplication, mentioning it was not maintainable under the Motor Vehicles Act.


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