Salman Khan could not understand “Bigg Boss” show

Salman Khan

Bollywood actor Salman Khan, who hosted 5 editions of famous reality show “Bigg Boss”, says that even now he could not fully understand this show.

According to Indian media reports, Salman said about his show that he has no such experience about ‘Bigg Boss’ that other people want to know about. He also wants to know that how the participants of show will live together, how much patience they have and how good and bad they will be? He said that he could not understand this game as how a person could know that somebody is telling truth or lie?

Salman said that the tasks given to participants of the show are completely real and there’s no script in this. Few people understand the game and few don’t but everyone knows that one of them has to be selected.

The 8th edition of “Bigg Boss” will start from 21st September and this time its theme is aviation.


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