Saturday 19 September 2020

Salman Khan and Aamir Khan no More Friendship



There is a rumor that there is a fight broke out between Salman Khan and Aamer Khan. Aamer Khan conducted a party in which these megastars were present. Aamer talked about the bad decisions of Salman Khan, which he made in the past.

On the other hand, Salman Khan did not hold back and he responded over his remarks and told about the exaggerated behavior of Aamer Khan. Then he spoke about him and Aamer Khan was standing there looking at him helplessly. These rumors are yet to be confirmed, as this news is reported by all major newspapers. In the past, various fights are reported between these three khans, in whom some reports are true and some are false.

Indian media report this recent fight between Aamer Khan and Salman Khan on the launching of their movies, Dangal and Sultan. These two movies are based on the fighting and these are interesting to watch. Is there any split in their relationship because of this recent and fresh fight. It is also reported that the shooting of the movie of Salman Khan, Sultan was not carried out in Gujjarwal near Ludhiana and the team of Dangal movie is already there and they hire this place till the next year. Perhaps there may be some misunderstandings, which could cause this recent conflict.

There is something behind this fresh turmoil but for the fans, they should not fight and it may be a rumor. No one will want Aamer and Salman fight with each other.


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