Sajal Ali will not perform Item No


The well known actress Sajjal Ali mentions that she doesn’t need to go to Bollywood while she is gaining much respect, popularity and important place in her own country for her effort. Currently Pakistan is bringing out good movies and she is as well going to perform the movie whereas a proper role is given however she cannot perform item song in the movies.

Most of the fans capture photos along with their family and others takes autograph. Actually the main award of an actor is the love of people. She mentioned that success of flop of a movie is not in control of anybody however the main issue is that the quality of Pakistani movies has improved.

She mentioned that it is not important to work in Bollywood however a Pakistani actor gains a good place following performing in Bollywood which she couldn’t understand however it is the fact. She responded on a question that there is a particular culture in Bollywood for making film and there actress choose particular dresses as per the bold scenes of the movie however she is not interested of such roles.

She works in film industry however she know her limits because of that she is not going to accept any that kind of offers which is opposed to her interest. She as well mentioned that in India Pakistani dramas are much famous and people there prefer to watch Pakistani dramas.


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