Monday 28 September 2020

Saba Qamar Wants to Get Married in 2018


Lahore, Saba Qamar is the popular actress of tv and film and she also performed in one Indian movie, ‘Hindi Medium’. She says that she wants to get married in 2018. She says that she seems that she reaches to the age of wedding and she will get wed next year because it is right of everyone to get married. She says that she wants such a husband, who has strong and good character and she will not like to have rich husband because she has earned enough money.

She has wealth, honor and popularity and she does not want to have more and if her husband is sincere with her and he lives like a true friend, then she can expect a happy and pleasant married life. She will also prefer to her home and her married life and she will work in showbiz with the permission of her husband. If she has to leave the showbiz, then she will make this decision at that time.


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