Saba Qamar Marriage in India Rumors


Recently, Indian actor Irran Khan talked about marriage of Pakistani actress Saba Qamar in India after which the rumors are spreading in the media about this situation.

Irrfan Khan’s film “Hindi Medium” is the debut Bollywood film of actress Saba Qamar. Even before the start of shooting, there were reports of her exit from the film but the recent claim by Irrfan Khan surprised every fan of the actress.

India media says that actor Irrfan Khan told during a press conference that rumors are spreading because the film’s release date hasn’t been confirmed so far and no one is replacing Saba Qamar in the film. It was also claimed by the actor during interview that Saba Qamar now could be an Indian citizen as he has heard about her marriage in India.

It was a surprising claim by Irrfan Khan about the Pakistani actress and now Saba Qamar can only admit or refuse this claim.



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