Ranbir Kapoor’s hypocrisy exposed on Star Sports!

Ranbir Kapoor at star sports

This new age superstar has always shied away from discussing personal life with the media, however looks like RK does not mind discussing others love affairs on national television…

Ranbir Kapoor is a hypocrite! Why do we say that? He lately put a blanket ban on media; the reason his much overvalued relationship with Katrina Kaif. But he did not mind talking about his co star Anushka Sharma’s relationship with Virat Kohli Indian cricketer on Star Sports throughout the India versus Bangladesh match, where he unveil the first trailer of his upcoming movie of Anurag Kashyap. At first he made reference to the hottest couples of Bollywood and cricketing world.

He walked out of a Roy promotional happening on being questioned regarding his partner. That is not all, we have heard that he has made his mind to ban the media. Indeed Ranvir has made it very clear to his Bombay Velvet director that he is not going to promote this movie widely as other actors. He prefer to display minimum press interviews and all the ones which is allowed is going to be briefed from confining to movie questions only.

As RK could not assist intruding into Virat’s personal life, even the journo’s cannot help however discuss regarding Ranbir Katrina. And we are sure he is well aware of the plus sides and downsides of being a public figure.


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