Priyanka Chopra to honour artistes at Artist Aloud Music Awards

Priyanka Chopra

While Priyanka Chopra preserved the deal along with Universal Music some years back to reveal her musical profession in the West, it appears like everyone by surprise. For an Indian heroin who have never sang in his own movies, to primary perform in the western circuit was a big deal for us. Her primary single In My City came out and she turned out rage worldwide. No doubt that the actress feels for independent artists very intensely and therefore the lady is going to honor one such amazing skill at tonight’s Artist Aloud Music Awards 2014.

According to the Daily, the actress is going to tribute the Best Single (Jury) prize to the best potentials in India. Interestingly, the prizes till now were declared on the basis of consumer votes. Currently this year Jury category is announced. She is glad that kind of award ceremony has been comprised and conferred. She mentioned that she is cheered that such a prize event has been getting their voice heard.

Anyhow, it appears the actress is so attracted to see independent artistes, getting known and we could not accept more. The potential should be appreciated.


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